Unity in Diversity “Food”

Open Cafe Rzeszow 17.07.2019
By: Yaryna Kysil

On 17th July in Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych in Rzeszów, Poland Open Café was super tasty! We had a lot of “delicious” topics to discuss, because our session was about food from all around the world.

As an icebreaker people had to match meals with the continents they come from. Some food could be simple and predictable and some was strange and it was quite  hard to guess the origin. But our smart participants managed to match the food with its place.

After a small discussion  Duong (aka Panda) divided people into groups for the next activity which was  about  the legality or illegality of certain types of food in different countries. Each team needed to  guess what is allowed or forbidden. Did you know that chewing gum is illegal in Singapore? The after-discussion was very interesting and full of useful information, especially for those who travel a lot.

Even after-break energizer  was related to the topic! It was called “Apple. Banana. Orange.” Yaryna, who was leading it, said the names of the fruits every time in a random order. Each fruit meant an action. When she said  “Apple” people should move forward,  for “Banana” move backwards and for “Orange” turn around.  It was so much fun to warm up a bit during this one!

The next part of the evening started with case study discussions in groups. This time participants had to come up with creative  real-life solutions to solve food waste problems around the world.  Then each team ONLY had 2 minutes to present it to everyone. Some solutions were really unusual!

And of course we ended with a group photo and a selfie!