Travelling – Open Dialogue Cafe

So, this week the topic was Travelling

We decided to talk about this topic as everyone wants a break from work, exams and especially from the daily routine and reality. We had with us Leonidas Chartas (Travel Cosultant) who talked about travel experiences, gave us tips on how to organise our adventures and shared his experiences

Everyone joined the conversation and shared their experiences and their ideas about different destinations and what is worth visiting. Leonidas gave us tips about choosing the ideal destination, when is the best period to travel and when you can book your tickets or your accommodation. Also, he suggested different destinations depending on the type of traveller each one is.

The conversation was flowing beautifully and everyone had a great time. We  shared which is our dream trip and destination, and this was interesting as we listened so many different places and many reasons to travel. Some people want to travel because they want to find themselves and their inner peace, some people want to travel just to have fun, others want to travel to explore new places etc.