Travelling and tourism

This week’s edition of Open Cafe in Rzeszów was special for diferent reasons. To start with, it was one of our hosts’ birthday. As Sinan turned 25, the group sang him happy birthday. Moreover, it was the last edition for INPRO volunteer Miki, who has been hosting Open Cafe since the beginning of our summer edition at Kwadrat Kultury.

The topic discussed was travelling and tourism, in two different aspects. On the one hand, the participants could get to know each other better, talk about their dream destinations and their best and worst experiences while travelling. Some of the questions proposed were about the longest trip ever taken, or naming different skills gained while travelling. We heard stories about Vietnam, Argentina, several european distinations and skills such as orientation with maps or gaining confidence with foreign languages.

The second part of the event was focused on the impact of tourism and overtourism on local societies. Cities like Venice, Barcelona and Dubrovnik are experiencing a massification that rises the prices of the appartments, overcrowds the transportation and can potentially turn the cities into an open air amusement park. The group discussed about solution to these problems, ways of travelling that benefit the local community or policies that could be taken by the politicians in order to redistribute the tourists.

Join us next Wednesday for a new summer edition of Open Cafe in Rzeszów with a new topic and meet our next host. Don’t miss it!