INPRO: There is no Plan(et) B

Open Cafe Rzeszow 2.10.2019
By: Yaryna Kysil

This Wednesday on Open Café we were discussing a topic which is popular nowadays, the environment! Our participants were hard at work trying to solve issues some countries are facing. 

To start the evening, everyone was divided into five country teams. So we had Australia, Nauru, Vietnam, The Kingdom of Eswatini and Nigeria. Each team had to do a little research on their country, find some general  information and also find the  environmental problems and solutions the countries are implementing. Participants even added little-known facts about the countries and discussed how important it is to be aware about the environmental situation of the world and ways to prevent it from getting worse.

After our discussion, we started again with a quick energizer. This time it was called “Air, Water and Earth” (as it was quite suitable for the topic!). Basically one person stood in the middle passing a ball (in our case a water bottle) to someone else. The person in the middle would say air, water or earth, and the other person had to name an animal that lives in this environment. And though it seems to be a simple game, some of us had trouble remembering that cats live on earth and not in water…

Our last activity was a Mini Model  United Nations. Our hosts (Yaryna and Kamila) created a fake global problem related to global warming. Two countries Nauru and Australia were the main victims. They were underwater, because of the rising sea levels. The representatives of these countries gave a speech about their current situation, and other countries had to brainstorm possible solutions or offer help. In the end, everyone had an opportunity to feel like a United Nations delegate, come up with solutions for a catastrophe and vote for the best idea. In the end Yaryna had to become a dictator and pass a resolution, because our time had run out!