“The secret Life of English Words”

Open Cafe Magenta 15.01.2020

Happy new year guys! we are back with the first Open Cafe of the year! This time topic will be focused on English Language and we will discover some hidden tricks in the our Europe common standard language! As usual Open Cafè his held in Magenta every wednesday at 9pm

We started the evening welcoming the newcomers and breaking the ice with a nice energizer called “my little pony”. Is awesome to see how a song for babies can become such a powerfull integration tool! 60+ age people screaming and dancing, soooo fun and sweet!

After this fun introduction we started with a short presentation on the history of English language, supported by our special guest Jennifer, professional writer.

After that we asked people to divide themselves in groups and, using the world cafe approach, to start seeking the links between English and the languages they knew (italian, french, german). It was nice to connect those links also to the differences we have also in italian dialects!

We concluded the evening with a book exchange. We asked people to bring some of their english novels and at the end of the event, to pick up another one form another person!

We wait for you next Wednesday! we are going to speack about Active Citizenship. Stay Tuned!!