The Me in Social Media

Open Cafe Rzeszow 10.07.2019
By: Elsa Daniels

On the 10th of July, our Open Cafe took place just as every other week, and this time our focus was on our use of the Internet and Social Media.

We started off with a short get-to-know-each-other activity in which participants were asked to imagine they only had internet access for 30 minutes a day. What would they prioritize first? How long would they check their emails for? Would they send messages to family?

It was interesting to see that for the majority of participants, checking emails, the news, and doing school work were among the top 3 things to do. One very creative group decided to use those 30 minutes to download everything they needed. Why bother spending 3 minutes reading your emails when you can just download it all and read it later? Also, Netflix. The latest episodes are super important to download too.

After sharing their internet ranking, participants were given a list of 20 facts and had to discuss if they were true or not. Apparently a chicken did survive for 18 months without a head! We’re looking at you Mike the Headless Chicken!

And finally, to end the Open Cafe this week we pretended to be censorship officers on a new social media platform. Each group was given a list of controversial posts and had to decide what to do them. (Should the person posting be banned? Should the post be deleted? Or should we reduce the viewing traffic?) This then raised more questions about freedom of expression online and who actually has the authority to set the rules.

Below is an example of the kind of posts that we discussed. What would you do?

A video clip of a young politician from the USA posted this on this private page:
We truly do want to change the world. We think another world is possible.
Non-whites, who favor mass-immigration and multi-culturalism and global America, have other countries in which they can go reside.