“The Magic and Mistery of Ireland!”

Open Cafe Magenta 18.12.2019

Hey guys! to finish the year, here in Magenta like every Wednesday at  9pm we had a super fun Open Cafe targeted on the discovering of Irish tradishions!

This open Cafe has been facilitated with the help of Alice’s familiy, which roots are, of course, Irish!

We started the sessions welcoming the participants and to break the ice we started pairing all of the m in couples. Using a “spped dating approach” we froze the couples and explained the next activity: The Human Bingo!. We provided them a sheet with some characteristics written in the boxes and asked them to move around the room seeking for someone that had those, filling the boxes with the names. This forced people to meet each other and start conversations!

After that, we divided the people in 4 groups providing to each of them music, material and a short explanation of the feature of typical Irish tradition characters and assigning to each of them the task to represent it through theatrical method.

It has been super fun seeing the people act and interesting at same time such differences and such great traditions!

At the end of the event, we had the opportunity to taste some typical Irish delights, such as Guinness beer, black bread or irish coffe!

See you in 2020 for new Open Cafes!