Study visit in Italy – the last international meeting of the hosts.

Arma di Taggia, 03.10.2020-09.10.2020

by Oscar Boldrini

In the framework of Social Integration Through Informal Dialogue, better know as Open Café, Young effect had the opportunity to organize and host project partners, INPRO from Poland and Mobilizing me from Sweden, in Arma di Taggia, Liguria’s Seaside for the C3 – “The Future we build together”, in order to share best practices, evaluate the project contents and to perform study visits to get to know realities operating integration in the local community.

During the week participants were presented with some Non Formal Education tools, methods and theories in relation to integration, assimilation and discrimination, in which they had the opportunity to better discover and fix concepts all together and seek the background in the different countries. The most important thing, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, has been that participants enjoyed responsibly all the week, having the opportunity to touch and get in contact with some local stakeholders visiting them.

After a great walk looking at the sea, they met Andrea, from “Centro di Solidarietà Sociale  l’Ancora”, a NGO based in Sanremo, operating with migrants and refugees, getting to know the reality and the difficulties of the day by day work of Andrea and all the volunteers of this Organization suffer to connect and conceal human needs with national legislation and restrictions.

Getting to Arma city center, our participants had the opportunity to meet the assessor of Arma municipality and ask questions on what are the programs and activities held and foreseen for youngsters to foster integration, receiving some best practices to be shared back in the countries.

Our guys had also the opportunity to know one of the exellence of the territory, the production of Olive Oil. Alessandro Boeri, from Frantoio Boeri depicted the whole process to achieve Olio di Olive Taggiasche, from the olive tree till the oil in the bottle. One of the most interesting part of this visit has been the getting to know all the social part that Frantoio Boeri does during the activity, such reconstruction of muretti (little walls) that are barriers against natural phenomenon and re-usage of waste parts retrieved during olive oil production to be used as natural and alternative source of energy.

One of the best experiences the group had the opportunity to live, was the visit to Bussana Vecchia, an ancient rogue artist community hidden next to one of the world’s most glitzy and glamorous cities. Some of our participants had the opportunity to speak with those artist and get to know them and their particular lifestyle. BREATHTAKING!

It has been a very fruitful week with a lot of smiles and learning and we are sure that everyone will keep a lot of memories for lifetime!