The cultural iceberg – a discussions about values in Rzeszów

Our last Open Café of July in Rzeszów featured a new presenter (Kinga, along with Miki) and yet another interesting discussion about intercultural communication and the so-called cultural iceberg. Our summer location at the bank of the river is becoming a popular spot, and again people from 4 continents took part in the event.

This diversity was particularly interesting, because our facilitators prepared activities to compare and share their values and conceptions based on their culture of origin. After getting to know each other, the group could hear different opinions on whether it is respectful to come late to an appointment, to smile to people on the street or to eat with your hands from the plate.

INPRO volunteers Kinga and Miki conducted activities in small groups and energizers to spice the evening up. In the first part of the event, the group debated about questions such as the biggest cultural differences they experienced, or if it is normal in their countries to touch a person when talking to them. The idea was to foster understanding and to promote an inclusive approach to differences.

After the break, a second activity focused on solving in groups a task. They received a story in which different characters acted morally or immorally depending on the point of view. The participants had to reach an agreement to put the characters in order, from the more moral to the least moral. As it turned up, it is not that easy, and background, personal experiences and culture have a big impact on how we perceive reality and the contact with other people.

Open Café will be back next Wednesday at 7PM with yet another workshop at Kwadrat Kultury – don’t miss it, and bring your friends!