Rzeszow: The Carrot or the Stick

Open Cafe Rzeszow 29.05.2019
By: Michał Fornal

The topic for this week’s Open Café was all about motivation. During the event we tried to explain different ways to motivate people and find the differences between internal and external motivation.

The first activity was the most vital one! We gave everyone a piece of paper and asked them to draw a carrot and a stick. We were certain that without that, the whole workshop would be meaningless.

Afterwards it was time for group work. Each group was given a scenario in which a person was in dire need of motivation, and their job was to come up with carrots (rewards) and sticks (punishments) to help motivate the person. One group decided the best way to motivate someone to learn French was for the employer to pay them a trip to Paris. If not, then they would be relocated to Sosnowiec (a city near Katowice)!

After a short break and a chanting energizer from Yaryna, everyone was ready for the next activity. This time, each group had to come up with everyday situations in which people often lack motivation, and later think about what would motivate them.

Here are some examples:
– listen to music while you work
– reward yourself after every hour of work
– replace a bad habit with a healthy one
– divide your tasks into smaller more easily accomplished ones
– and remind yourself of your purpose!

During the last few minutes of the meeting we discussed the potential negative sides of carrot and stick motivation. We also talked about other ways of motivating people (e.g. autonomy, mastery, purpose).

If you want to learn more about the subject of motivation, you check out this video: