The art of speech making – Open Dialogue Cafe

Another interactive Open Dialogue Cafe took place on January 29th 2020. This time we had with us Panos Korelis, a friend of Open Dialogue Cafe community, who presented the Rhetoric Public Speaking Game

We all have experienced a situation where we have to present a work, a project or ideas. So, it’s important to know how we can be better and make more interesting presentations.

So, this game is about improvisation and making mini speeches with last-minutes notices. There were cards with different topics on them and everyone had one minute to make a speech about this topic using their imagination and creativity.

Panos was the game master and as each one finished his speech, he gave us advices and secrets on how we can improve our speech, how to manage our stress and how our speech can have an impact to the audience.

Everyone had fun while they were listening someone’s speech because of his thoughts, personal experiences and ideas about a topic that was given. We really enjoyed this game and we learned many things about the art of speech making.