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We are a Swedish organisation working with entrepreneurship and creativity; from volunteering to expertise. We value the quality of volunteering and using particularly film making and theatre to support the needs and health of young people and adults. We are particularly working with refugee and asylum-seeking young people who have a lot of additional needs. We are a social enterprise for Nordic, European and International Projects. Our main 5 working areas are; Providing training, creating educational tools, mobilising volunteers to professionalism, project management, promoting entrepreneurship. Our team consists of 5 experts with a diverse background.

Open Cafe in Mobilizing Expertise promises to be an inclusive, free and engaging workshop every Tuesday at 15:00 – 17:00 in Örkelljunga.
We will have a different topic each week related to social inclusion, youth, social and world issues with the purpose of facilitating an open discussion and promoting an more inclusive society.

We will meet in Strandhem or in Örkelljunga Education Centre. The event will be in English and run by Mobilizing Expertise volunteers and staff. It’s an open and free event for everyone. Come and join us for Fika and some engaging discussions.

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Open Cafe Mobilizing Expertise



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MEXPERT hosted its first OPEN CAFE as an output for the Social Integration Through Informal Dialogue project and funded by