Open Cafe Rzeszow 19.06.2019
By: Michał Fornal

On Wednesday, June 19th we met again for another Open Cafe, as per usual in Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych. The topic this time was storytelling, and plenty of stories were told, all unique and interesting.

We started off with a little icebreaker called „Two truths, one lie”. Participants had to come up with 3 „facts” about themselves and tell them to another person, but one „fact” was fabricated. The other person had  to guess which one was the lie. This activity, besides being lots of fun, lets strangers get to know each other a bit better, and lets friends discover how well they know one another.

Afterwards, we were all divided into groups, sat in a circle, and began creating our „one word story”. In turns, one after the other, each participant had to say a word (sometimes two) in order to create and continue a story together. While the stories were often confusing and didn’t make much sense, from wet penguins to jealous pandas, the bizarre ideas and sudden twists were often making us laugh a lot. The main point of this activity was supposed to just have fun even if the stories got a bit out of hand. 🙂

After a short break and a short energizer from Yaryna, we started the last activity. In groups, participants received a piece of paper and instructions. Every group was supposed to come up with a story – they all had the same beginning of the story and the same keywords to base it on – but each story had to told using a different genre (e.g. horror, romance, comedy, etc.). And every group gave it their best! The horror story was scary and the comedy was funny. The fantasy story had magic, dragons and castles, and the romance story had a „happily ever after” ending. Each story was unique, and the groups used keywords in many creative ways (except for „tape”, which for some reason was always used to tie a person’s arms or legs).

We all had a blast creating and listening to stories. We also learned that it’s not only what the story is about but also how you tell it that is important.