Sport and Active Citizenship: An Olympic Opportunity

Open Cafe Magenta 10.07.2019
By: Sara Rondena

On the 10th of July our weekly Open Cafe session, which is held  every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to the Sport and the major sport events, like Olympic games.

This week we tried to find the different aspects characterizing sports activities and we also talked about big events, like the next winter Olympic games of 2026. In particular we tried to find the positive and negative effects that those big events in social, transport, territory and environment fields could have.

At the beginning we started with a very funny game. We created randomly two team and we got separated into two lines and then we started the activity. The last person of the line had to find a way to communicate to the person before him the color chosen by the referee and then this person had to do the same thing with the person before him and so on. The first team who communicate to the referee the correct color was the winner. After the game we reflected and brainstormed about the idea of sport and all the aspects about connected to it, thinking on what we did playing the game. With this activity we understood how is important to play in a team, to have respect for others, to have the same goals, to communicate in the right way and to know the rules of the game.  

Second activity was based on the division of all the participant in four different groups. Each group had to brainstorm about social, transport, territory and environment issues and benefits connected with the realization of a big event like the next Milano-Cortina Winter Olympic Games.

To wrap up the Open Cafe, every group shared with others their ideas and what they talked about. It was very interesting to understand different perspective of Open Cafè participants, on how important could be and how much it could change a city/nation, but also how much could be risky if the things are not managed in the right way if you host an international massive event. New transports, new connections, more jobs, more opportunities, new building and more feeling of belonging are contrasted with fear of bad future investments, environment issues like destruction of valleys.. We concluded this discussion with one reflection: At the end of these events, are we able to continue to take advantage from all these new opportunities? We can’t foresee the future of course but at least we are now more aware of the consequences/benefits of this Olympic opportunity!

We will wait you next Wednesday for another Open Café together!!