Open Dialogue Cafe in Patras reunited.

Hello everyone, it’s been such a long time ! 

After a long break due to Covid-19 we finally organised our Open Dialogue Cafe event. We came back stronger and we are looking forward to having this event every week. 

This Wednesday on September 30th the topic was Soft Skills, presented by Antonela Kotsoni (Trainer and Non-Formal Education Supporter at InterMediaKT). This time, the event took place outdoors, in a big park in Patras, where we enjoyed the nice weather while keeping social distancing.

The whole idea was to define and describe which type of personality each of us has. We played a game where we stood on different papers describing several approaches to hypothetical situations. Then, we went into groups and discussed about the positives and negatives of the chosen personality.

At the end all the groups discussed about the personalities’ strengths and weakenesses. By exchanging opinions that made us reflect more about our general attitudes, we realised that they might differ according to the context. We understood that each of our identities have similar characteristics but the little differences are what make us unique!