September is for New Beginnings

Open Cafe Rzeszow 18.09.2019
By: Kamila Mayskaya

On the 18th of September, after a month of holiday, we finally met with our Open Cafe friends at our usual place, BWA. All of us had a great rest and of course, we missed each other. Now our hosts are full of energy and ideas.

The meeting of this week was focused on saying hellos again and catching up after the break. So we tried to keep a calm atmosphere before the real debates begin. In this spirit, one of the activities this week was for participants to come up with travelling-plan. But they had three different situations.

1. The first group had unlimited money and could go anywhere they wanted. But, they could only travel by car.
2. The second group had to fly somewhere but they could only stay 1 day in each location.
3. And the last group have no money at all, but they could go anywhere.

So what do you think, how were their holiday plans? Well, I can tell you the third one was the funniest and most extreme! During this activity, everyone was given free reign to their imaginations and the lack of money encouraged people from the third group to do dangerous things. They even decided to break the law and go to jail!

To finish the Open Cafe, we gave participants a short anonymous review about the event. It is really important for us to know what they like or not, do they think we’re informative and active enough and so on. We still have a lot of nice meetings planned and we appreciate any recommendations from our friends.