Rzeszow: Scars to Your Beautiful

Open Cafe Rzeszow 3.07.2019
By: Yaryna Kysil

On the 3rd of July our 8th Open Cafe session, which is held  every Wednesday at 7pm in BWA in Rzeszow, was dedicated to the wide spectrum of “Beauty”.

This week we tried to define what real beauty means to us and what we consider beautiful. We also talked about beauty standards in different cultures and certain countries and divided the term beauty into different sections: attractiveness, physical aspects, personal associations and inner beauty.

So, as usual, we started with an icebreaker to make everyone feel more comfortable. This also helped our newcomers to feel more integrated in the group. To begin, everyone was asked to find a partner to work together and think about what we usually associate with the word “beauty”. With this activity we also realized that we unconsciously look for someone we feel “attracted” to when we have to work together. We look for people who we trust and make us feel comfortable.

After the sharing our associations with “beauty,” we moved on to the second activity which was based on a travel portal’s ranking of nationalities based on their level of “attractiveness”. The aim of this was  to debate why these articles exist online, to think about what their criteria was based on and to conclude that we can’t actually rank a whole country based on beauty.  

Finally, we moved on to common beauty standards around the world, which slowly led to a deeper discussion on makeup, surgeries, health, body features and being presentable, and what it takes to be a better version of ourselves. Which was a nice end of this session.