Rzeszow: What personality type are you?

by Yarina Kysin

On the 20th of November, Open Café was done by another “quest host” – someone who doesn’t usually lead the event. This time the host was Alex, and the topic was “Enneagram” – a very interesting system of personality types.

So Enneagram is based on 9 different personality types, put on a circular diagram in the form of numbers. Those numbers are divided into 3 categories, and also each number corresponds to 2 other numbers – one in a stressful situation, and the other one in the need of safety. To learn more about the Enneagram, you can check out the book “The Road Back To You”, by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile.

The meeting started by Alex describing the personality types, and their traits/characteristics, all while explaining how the whole system works. After learning what the numbers on the diagram mean, all participants had the opportunity to do a test which in the end showed them which personality type(s) fit them the best. The whole event ended with an energiser from Yaryna, and of course, a group photo 🙂