Rzeszow: The Art of Confusion

by Duong Nguyen Manh Thai

With such a globalized environment that we are living in nowadays, there are a lot of things about cultures that are confusing for people when they clash with different cultures around the world. On this session of Open Café, we focus on such confusions.

Beginning with an icebreaker, participants were asked to take a piece of paper and a pen, and they were tasked with going around collecting a set of perquisite information about another person. Then, they will have to show the rest of the group what they have managed to learn about the other person. The catch was that they have to be divided into uneven groups. Within a set of time, they will write down as much information as possible and the winner would get a price.

On to the main part of the session, participants were asked to provide with their colleagues a list of things that confuse them about their everyday lives. The results were varied as some mentioned that they were confused about Math because they said it’s too complicated or the existence of a rhino didn’t make sense to them.

The final part involving dividing people into groups from different nations and cultures background. These groups will com up with things from their own cultures, traditions, languages that didn’t make sense to them and potentially causing confusion in the process of communication with other cultures and languages. Wrapping up the session with a short presentation from each group, participants learned a lot more about the various confusions that somehow still exists in the modern world despite the convenience of technology and information.