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The main objectives of the Association are the promotion and dissemination of activities in the area of education and learning, training, art and culture, social inclusion and investment in the human capital.

We work to contribute to local and regional development, promoting the qualification of the population, adjusted as far as possible to the needs of the labor market,  increasing school and vocational success and reducing dropouts, promoting equality, social cohesion and personal development and citizenship, and also developing, with effective continuity, national activities. Actions to support vulnerable groups, in particular children, young people and people with special needs, will also be favored.

We believe that only through education, training and involvement will we be able to move from theory to action.

We truly believe that we should empower our youth workers (and they will train the young people they work with) by providing them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help them to develop  skills to train for self improvement, so that they can have a successful career and a successful life according to their needs. This is a privileged area of activity for our association.

Open Cafe in Volongo and Paredes

Open Cafe is organized inW a partnership with the Youth Division of Paredes and Valongo Municipalities. This two-hour interactive workshop that takes place every Thursday at 21:00.

No Gordio organizes the events in both municipalities. It is a great chance to promote face-to-face meetings, integrating locals around a cup of coffee (or tea) and discussing different topics chosen by our facilitators. It is also an intercultural moment involving local people and also the newcomers to the city.

Everyone is more than welcome to join us.

Check out our media networks (Associação Nó Górdio, Câmara Municipal de Paredes and Câmara Municipal de Valongo) for more details.

Place: Paredes

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