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We are a youth oriented association dedicated to the personal development and education of young people from Rzeszów and Podkarpackie voivodship. Through our projects and activities, we strive to attract people, not only of different cultural backgrounds but also of different origins, ages as well as opinions and beliefs.

In order to do so, our members come from different professional areas. They shape our organization as volunteers, trainers, facilitators, participants and decision makers. Through them, we are able to build a strong network of like-minded individuals who strive to live in smarter communities.

INPRO Open Café

Open Cafe is an interactive two-hour workshop taking place every Wednesday at 7:00PM. It is an opportunity for the local and international youth of Rzeszow to meet and take the time to know each other. 

Each week our volunteers prepare a new program and a different topic related to human rights and global social issues, but also to everyday things such as hobbies, travel and work. The purpose of the event is to promote an open and inclusive societyEveryone will have the chance to learn about other cultures, share their experiences and be a part of growing international community.   

Open Café is hosted in English by INPRO’s volunteers. Everyone is welcome to join.  

Every Wednesday 19:00-21:00 

Where? Kwadrat Kultury by Wislok River in Rzeszow (in summer 2020)



Place: Rzeszow

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Open Dialogue Café hosts

Michal Fornal
Yaryna Kysil
Kamila Moldagaliyeva
Duong Nguyen Manh Thai (Panda)

Open Café Blog - Poland


Do billionaires have a critical role to play in healing our world?

This week’s Open Café was yet another success of attendance on our summer location. More than 40 participants gathered at


Rzeszow: The ballot is stronger than the bullet

By Sinan Yeşil In this week’s Open Café, everything was aligned for perfection; the weather, theme and lots and lots


Open Cafe summer edition in Rzeszow has started!

Open Cafe enthusiasts met again in a new surroundings in Rzeszow. Kwadrat Kultury (Square of Culture), a new social open


Open Café Rzeszow: Anthroposcene

by Yarina Kysil On the Open Café in November before the winter break the topic and the plan of the


Rzeszow: What personality type are you?

by Yarina Kysin On the 20th of November, Open Café was done by another “quest host” – someone who doesn’t


Rzeszow: Why to work together?

by Michal Fornal Making the Open Cafe possible requires cooperation and effort. That is why I made this Open Cafe


Rzeszow: The Art of Confusion

by Duong Nguyen Manh Thai With such a globalized environment that we are living in nowadays, there are a lot


Having fun and making memories

Having fun while making memories By Yaryna Kysil  This week Open Café Rzeszów became  just a place for having a


Rzeszow: It’s (not) all about money!

Do you manage your money well? Do you prefer paying with a card or cash? This week was all about money!


King Michał Says Jump!

Open Cafe Rzeszow 16.10.2019By: Michał Fornal  The 16.10 Open Cafe meeting was incredible. It was led by the fantastic Michał,


Open Cafe Rzeszow: Mental Health Awareness Day

According to Mental Health of America, in 2018, 1 out of 5 adults have a mental health condition. In this


INPRO: There is no Plan(et) B

This Wednesday on Open Café we were discussing a topic which is popular nowadays, the environment!


Gestures, speeches and more

When you are trying to convince a group of people about something, a lot of different things matter.


September is for New Beginnings

After a month of holiday, we finally met with our Open Cafe friends at our usual place, BWA.


Rzeszow: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Body language was the topic this week in Open Cafe, focusing on the differences of gestures and greetings among participants. So why do some people kiss on the cheek and some shake hands?


Unity in Diversity “Food”

On 17th July Open Café was super tasty! We had a lot of “delicious” topics to discuss, because our session was about food from all around the world.


The Me in Social Media

This time our focus was on our use of the Internet and Social Media.


Rzeszow: Scars to Your Beautiful

On the 3rd of July, our 8th Open Cafe, was dedicated to the wide spectrum of “Beauty”.



The topic this time was storytelling, and plenty of stories were told, all unique and interesting.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

On the Open Café on 26th June, with participants from the Erasmus + project, “You(th) in Pictures”, we talked about the impact and influence photojournalism has in our everyday lives.


First impression: Is it important?

This time we talked about impressions and assumptions people can make about each other, made group discussions and let participants get to know each other better.


Revisiting the Pink and Blue Spectrum

This week was connected to gender stereotypes, inequality on a daily basis, social pressure and differences between men and women.


Rzeszow: The Carrot or the Stick

The topic for this week’s Open Café was all about motivation. During the event we tried to explain different ways to motivate people and find the differences between internal and external motivation.


How High is Your EQ?

The topic for Open Café on the 22nd May was all about “Emotional Intelligence”.


1st Open Cafe in Rzeszów: success and laughs

On 15/05 the Open Cafe was dedicated to welcoming all participants back. It was a time to say hellos again,