Photography – Open Dialogue Cafe

On Wednesday February,19th we talked about Photography. 

Nowadays, we all take photos and photography has become a part of our lives. We take pictures when we travel, when we see something we like, when we want to capture the moment. 

For this week our guest was Andreas Koutroumanis (Photographer) who shared with us his passion about taking photos. He gave us advices and tips on how to make the perfect click and also, he explained to us some settings that we have to change if we want a better shot, such us the iso, the shutter speed and the aperture.

We all shared our ideas and experience on taking photos, the reasons that lead us to photography and moreover how social media affect us, as everyday we see different photos that are posted.

This Open Dialogue Cafe was interactive and amazing as everyone experimented with their mobile phones or their cameras and tried to apply the advices that Andreas gave.