Open Dialogue Cafe – Ready to speak

There are all kinds of situations where you are asked to reply to an unexpected question.

How can you be ready to give an unprepared speech, on the spot and in the moment, and be sure you are understood and valued by your listeners?

On last week’s workshop, on Wednesday February 24th, we focused on Speech Improvisation.

Our speaking coach, Panos Korelis, gave us useful tips, on how to make a speech without our listeners lost their attention.

“Ready to speak means you are ready to communicate what you know, but also who you are, in a way that gives your listeners an experience that they will remember.”

He also learned to us the seven ways to connect with our listeners.

We have some interactive exercises to get to know each other better. And at the end of the session, we played an online game based on speech improvisation which called the “Rhetoric game”.

We really enjoyed it!!

Stay tuned for more workshops on Personal Development!