Open Dialogue Cafe – Quality Communication and Interpersonal Re(a)lations

We are extremely happy for the beggining of our new serie of workshops.

Yesterday, Tuesday, April 13th, we started a new serie of 4 workshops focusing on Interpersonal Relations.

The topic of the first workshop that took place yesterday was “Quality Communication and Interpersonal Re(a)lations” with Charis Charalambous.

It was a very interesting and constructive workshop.

In the beginning, the facilitator separated us into different break-out rooms and we have small questions to discuss with the other team member in order to get to know each other better. We really enjoyed it and we had the chance to learn more about the other participants.

After this we seperated again into break-out rooms and we had to discuss about a certain topic, in order to learn more about Quality Commuication.

What would happen if a law restricted the words we can speak daily only to 140?

The discussion was very constructive between every team, because this question gave us the chance to go deeper into the topic and think about this. In the end, every team had to choose a spokesperson in order to present to all the participants their conclusions and thoughts regarding this question.

After finishing with this interactive session, Charis presented to us tips and information about Quality Communication giving time to the participants at the end of the workshop for Q&A.

Of course, in the end of the workshop we took the “family photo”,with all the participants as we use to do in the end of each workshop.