Open Dialogue Cafe – Project Management & Design Thinking

On Wednesday, April 21st, Open Dialogue Cafe concluded his journey with a workshop on Project Management & Design Thinking lead by Zsuzsa Randai.

Zsuzsa Radnai is an expert of International Studies and Project Manager at a Research Institute based in Hungary. Zsuzsa as a facilitator empowers young people using a community-building approach and methods like non-formal education or design thinking. After participating in the Training of Trainers for European Erasmus+ organized by SALTO she has become a keen newcomer youth trainer.  

The expert first explained what we mean by design thinking and she then explored how we can use this innovative approach while managing a project.  Design thinking is a process that brings people together to create more and better ideas, it is a new tool either for learners and educators, as on one hand it allows to activate young people when they face a difficult challenge, on the other hand, teachers can use it as a new way to teach old content.

“Design Thinking is all about how we can do things differently.”

As the 21st was the International Day of Innovation, it was extremely interesting to learn about the stages of this new process, which consists of 5 steps to arrive at an innovative solution to a problem:

Finally, the facilitator asked the participants to apply this new technique within an exercise whose context was very familiar. The audience reflected on how the society can use design thinking within the pandemia. An example that we all experienced is indeed digital education.

Even though the Open Dialogue Cafe meetings came to an end, the ODC community is glad, excited, grateful and satisfied with all the results that this project brought. The public participated actively and the best achievement for us was creating an international community where each member felt comfortable, happy and eager to learn!