Open Dialogue Cafe – Leading Myself in Challenging Times

‘Leading Myself in Challenging Times’ was the 8th webinar of the 9-week project on Personal Development organised by Open Dialogue Cafe – InterMediaKT.

On Wednesday, March 24th, the ODC international community welcomed Christina Demetriades as its speaker, a globally awarded Personal Leadership Coach, Trainer and Coach/Mentor Supervisor. She enjoys guiding and empowering individuals and groups as to their professional and personal development.

During this online meeting, participants learnt about personal leadership, developed a deeper sense of self-awareness, observed and enhanced their self-management skills, understood how everyone responds differently to fear, why that is so and how to overcome that, and finally, they acknowledged how to build resilience, leadership and confidence!

Self-leadership is having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going coupled with the ability the influence your communication, emotions and behaviour on the way to getting there! – Andrew Bryant

The workshop was really interactive and engaging, the audience participated actively by following the speaker’s guidance and suggestions. As an example, the expert highlighted the importance of developing deeper self-awareness and she asked the participants to describe their 3 core values and 8 personal characteristics, in order to analyse if their jobs or personal lives align with their personal values.

At the end of the webinar, the ODC multi-cultural group had the opportunity to get to know better its members in the break-out rooms, when the Trainer asked them to discuss about their biggest challenge encountered during this year and how they managed to overcome it. This conversation made the participants realise how much is important to acknowledge and celebrate their wins!

As always, the entire team is extremely happy with the growth and love ODC workshops are spreading all around the world!