Open Dialogue Cafe – Leadership

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 10th, we had our second workshop on Personal Development. This week’s topic was Leadership. What does it take to be an inspiring leader?

Our facilitator, Menelaos Prokos, through an interactive workshop made us understand which characteristics you should have in order to be an inspiring leader for your team.

We started our session with some activities in order to get out of our comfort zone and get to know each other better.

An inspiring leader should give the space to all the team members to feel free be themselves and feel free to share their ideas without judgement. Acceptance of other’s ideas and personality’s characteristics are the keys for an effective leadership.

With the capacity of improviser, he truly believes that improvisation is closely related to leadership, and in some way all the companies should adjust improvisation as a method of training of their employees.

In the end of the workshop, he answered to all the questions of the participants.

It was a really interesting and enlightening workshop thanks to our great facilitator and to all the participants.

Looking forward to our next workshop focusing on Dramatherapy!

Stay tuned and see you soon!