Open Dialogue Cafe – Foundations of Group Behaviour & Team Building

A new serie of 4 Workshops focusing on Interpersonal Relations started on Tuesday, April 13th.

Yesterday, on Wednesday April 14th, we had the second workshop on “Foundations of Group Behaviour & Team Building”. Our teammate, Chloé Deantoni, was leading this workshop and we really enjoyed it.

We had an introduction on what is team and which are the differences between a team and a group.

Then we broke up into teams of 5 people each and we tried to find common points with our teammates, and when we finished we shared them with the whole group. We broke up again into teams and this time we had to find what makes us unique as individuals, and then we shared again.

We really enjoyed the procedure because we had the chance to get to know each other better and discuss more.

Finishing with this interactive part, our speaker continued presenting us more information and material, and we also discussed the 4 Stages of Team Development.

It was a really interesting and interactive workshop and all of us really enjoyed it!

“Be yourself, your differences bring value to your team & embrance diversity, see others as collaborators rather than competitors.”