Open Dialogue Cafe – Emotional Intelligence

On Wednesday, February 3rd  InterMediaKT launched its 9-week programme on Personal Development. This project aims at providing new skills and knowledge to the participants thanks to the intervention of speakers, who are experts in their field.

This first event focused on Emotional Intelligence with the participation of José Carlos León Fernández. José worked as a coach, facilitator and coordinator of formative events focusing on, but not limited to, Emotional Intelligence. By definition, EI is the capacity in recognizing our own feelings and those of others, as well as managing emotions within ourselves and in our relationships.

“Companies hire people on the basis of their technical skills but fire them for lack of emotional skills”  Edgar Breso

Even though, Emotional Intelligence has been introduced and developed since 1995 by Daniel Goleman, it still remains hardly known. Although, in the last years EI has been observed as a growing skill that starts being more and more required within the labour market.

Through several interactive activities, José made us being more aware of our own emotions and how we react to stimulus.

By using the “Emotional Cycle”, we realized how we react to stimulus according to our own experiences and background. The results are actually dependant on our emotions, so if the latter are non-operative, we cannot expect effective outcomes. Nevertheless, our brain can be trained in order to change the way we react to stimulus by telling ourselves a different story.