Open Dialogue Cafe – Creative Thinking

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” – Barbara Januszkiewicz

The 9-week project on Personal Development keeps on inspiring the Open Dialogue Café Community with its fifth webinar on Creative Thinking on Wednesday, 3rd of March. 

The speaker Patricia Amaro, an expert on Non-Formal Education and Trainer of the National Erasmus+ Youth in Action Agency in Portugal, lead the discussion and provided the audience with theoretical models on creativity, such as the Divergent Thinking of Guilford and the Multiple Intelligences of Gardner. 

“Crazy ideas open doors!” – Patricia Amaro 

The trainer explored also the concept of Topic Sustainability, highlighting the importance of not criticizing ideas.  

As the expert mentioned, this attitude is essential in the workplace, because it can produce an environment where all the employees are motivated to contribute with their points of view. Obviously, the leader of a company will not use all the suggestions proposed by the co-workers, but by failing a proposal straightaway it will create an uncomfortable and dried atmosphere where no more fresh and different ideas will be suggested.  

In the end, the speaker challenged the participants with intriguing exercises in the breakout rooms: they had to write 20 uses of a book and 3 objects that can be used to bring peace to the world. 

The different teams worked together and they realized how anybody can be creative, it’s all a matter of training and considering other perspectives! 

The ODC community is extremely happy to host these meetings, which always spread positive virtual vibes all around the world!