Open Dialogue Cafe – Best Tips about Personal Development

On Wednesday, March 31st we had our last workshop on Personal Development. We are very happy and grateful that we lived this journey of Personal Development all together, and at the same time, we are also sad that this came to an end.

On this Workshop, we discovered all the tips and the techniques that we learned in all the previous workshops. We started this session, doing a journey, back to all the workshops and the moments we lived these 9 weeks. Then we have created a Quiz for the participants, in order to refresh our memory of what we have learned.

After the quiz we separeted in break-out rooms and the participants had the chance to write in the jamborad the best tips that they learned, to describe their experience in one word and discuss this.

Simply be yourself, like the moon & the sun, you will shine when the time is right!

Chloé Deantoni

We have created a presentation that we presented to the participants with all the best tips for each workshop. We finished the session playing Dixit cards. The participants could select some cards in order to explain their experience through this journey.

We really enjoyed it and we are glad that you were part of this journey! Thank you very much!