Open Dialogue Cafe – An introduction to Drama Therapy

The 9-week programme about Personal Development continues and on Wednesday, February 17th, Melina Georgoulis introduced the ODC community into the interesting field of Drama Therapy!

Melina is an upcoming Arts Therapist, who is specialising in Drama Therapy in the Netherlands, she worked at the MCL Hospital in the Klinikal Geriatric Department and she also took part in the European Conference of Arts Therapies, ECArTE. As the majority of our speakers, she also had experiences abroad, volunteering in an alternative school in New Zealand and working in the education department of an NGO in Guatemala.

At the beginning of the webinar, Melina explained briefly what actually is Art Therapy, which can be seen as a macro area divided and composed by different disciplines, such as drama, music, dance and art. Drama therapy is the use of theatre techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote mental health. This supportive tool is used in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, mental health centres, prisons and businesses. Drama therapy, as a modality of the creative arts therapies, exists in many forms and can apply to individuals, couples, families, and various groups.

“Art is not only something esthetic, it can be used to heal, overcome difficult situations, reduce stress and express cant be said with words”

This is the biggest lesson learnt during the online meeting, as the expert made the participants reflect on themselves and on their personalities through an interactive drama exercise. The experiment focused on analysing the inner team that everyone has, which means all the different attitudes that a person can embrace during a specific situation. By analysing all the team members, as an example “the enthusiastic one” or “the anxious one”, participants had the chance to understand which kind of their personal attitude is the most beneficial, so perhaps the one that should be always present and which one is the most toxic, thus the one who needs to be controlled.

Everyone participated enthusiastically and expressed their interest and gratefulness for learning simple tools that can actually improve their mental health. Thanks to Melina the ODC community internalised what Joseph Beuys stated:

“Every human is an artist!”

Thanks to all the participants and the amazing speaker Melina for joining Open Dialogue Cafe!