Open Cafe: The Life Boat

Open Cafè 29.05.2019

By: Tiziano Tomassini

On 29 May 2019 participants of the Open Cafè had the opportunity to speak about discrimination and experimented two important tools that are used by human rights educators in order to face antibias.

We had about 20 participants and we used the Magenta library in order to perform this event. The night had been facilitated by Tiziano Tomassini, trainer for Erasmus+ projects.

The first tool that we experimented was called “The life boat”.

Resume of the activity:

You and the following people are on a sinking cruise ship that was headed to the Bahamas.  As your ship is sinking, you spot an island and believe that you are close enough to reach it in a lifeboat.  However, there are 14 of you left alive, but only room for 8 in the lifeboat.  Those that go in the lifeboat will probably make it to the island where they will try to survive until they are rescued.  Those that are left on the sinking cruise ship will likely go down with the ship and die.  You are one of the officers of the cruise ship and the highest ranking survivor.  You are given the responsibility of deciding who remains on the ship and who goes aboard the lifeboat.

To the participants was given a list of characters and they needed to choose which one to save or not and motivate it.

Each participant of the open cafè told their choice and why. After this a discussion started and then Tiziano presented the differences between stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.

It has been super nice to see the reactions and emotions of the participants!