Rzeszow: Why to work together?

by Michal Fornal

Making the Open Cafe possible requires cooperation and effort. That is why I made this Open Cafe all about teamwork. Participants had the opportunity to work within teams, plan and strategise to achieve the best results, during fun activities and competitions.

First, we started the evening with sort-of-icebreaker teamwork game. Participants had to stand in a circle, then all close their eyes and slowly walk forward, searching for hands they could grab. They couldn’t grab both of the same person’s hands, nor could they open their eyes before finding two of them. After everyone has found two partners, second phase begun – they had to make a circle again. But this time, they couldn’t let go of the hands. With a bit of teamwork and some gymnastic skills, a big circle was created (and also two smaller ones :D).

Second activity was even more action-packed. The group was separated into 4 teams. Each team received a piece of paper with tasks to fulfill. This was „Photo hunt” – teams had to take a photo of certain things, such as: an instrument; a book in language other than polish; a green hat; a bottle of tequila; a weird-looking building; and so on. First the teams had 10 minutes to divide the tasks among themselves, then the hunt began. Because the time to hunt was just 30 minutes, teams had to be quick and everyone had to do their job well. In the end, all of the teams performed very well, with very small differences between the winner and other teams. Plus, there were some very funny photos 😀

Afterwards the teams had a bit of time for evaluation – each team was supposed to research different team roles and decide among themselves who had which role. After discussing their roles with the rest of the group, there was time for the final activity. This was the „Shark” game – two teams had to get through dangerous „water” area (floor) by creating a „bridge” (pieces of paper). The first team to get every member to the other side of the water would win, but let’s not forget that the whole task was harder because of the „sharks” (me and Amanda), who would take a piece of the bridge every time nobody was standing on it. In the end, both teams survived, „sharks” were left hungry, and everyone had fun.