Open Cafe in Rzeszow is back with summer edition!

Open Cafe enthusiasts met again in a new surroundings in Rzeszow. Kwadrat Kultury (Square of Culture), a new social open air spot in Rzeszow is going to host us throughout the summer (thanks!).

This time not only we enjoyed each other’s company even more than usual, but also we shared our experiences on how it felt to be trapped for a couple of months. To add to that, we also got new hosts – Sinan from Turkey and Miki from Catalonia. Considering the  global pandemic, the participation of  locals was good enough. For the beginning, our facilitators helped us out to get comfortable with each other by a fun energizer!

After this energizer, they jumped right on the topic and started with simple questions. The participants were, for sure, enthusiastic and interested with the questions. Later on, the facilitators handed out specific articles (2, 3, 13, 20, 29 and 30) from  Universal Declaration of Human Rights and divided the them into the groups and asked them to discuss how they feel with this government restrictions in parallel with these articles. Most people agreed that the restrictions violate the handed articles, however, since this was a global problem,  as global citizens, they said that they had to hold their end of the bargain and came to the conclusion that the following the restrictions was necessary for everybody.

As for the last  discussion, our facilitators asked the participants that if they think these restrictions can also be exploited. Majority of the participants agreed on that with the state of emergency it is easy to abuse power.

 All in all, after the huge break and all the social distancing that is happening, people were really showed that they missed one of the most basic communication of all; human interaction!