Open Cafè: Scotland Response to Brexit

Open Cafè Magenta 19.02.2020

By: Tiziano Tomassini

We had already planned to have a Scottish evening this month, and because of Brexit, we thought it would be a good idea to invite John Murphy, a real Scotsman, to help us. Some of the participants recognized John from our Scottish dance evenings but what they didn’t know is that he’s also a professional translator and past President of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. The entire title of the evening was ‘Scotland’s response to Brexit – Probably unprintable’ because he well explained the explosive combination of Brexit and Scottish Independence.

The future depends a lot on their past history and John told us why, in his usual informal and entertaining manner. It was super interesting, and at the same time our participants were so amazed to see a total different perspective and cultural habits!

See you in the next Open Cafè!