Open Cafe Rzeszów kicks off with summer season of 2021

On Wednesday 23/06/2021 our Open Café took place at Kwadrat Kultury with the topic of Science. This Open Café has been hosted by our volunteers- Vlad Steopoaie from Romania and Romain Lo Monaco from France.
With the help of volunteers :
Barbara from Portugal our photographer
Haseeb from Pakistan our videographer
Yerke from Kazakhstan our responsible in social media

Our open cafe started with introductions where Romain and Vlad talked about the main
topic of the meeting. Once the attending public was informed about the subject, we had
Ice-breaker-“Quizz Roulette” which proceeded as follows: Roma and Vlad put numbers from 1
to 25 in the hat. Each number corresponded to one question, and the questions were unknown
to the participants. Questions were like:
For example:
The craziest thing that you did recently?
Your dream landscape to live in?
Share a strong moment of your lockdown…
What is the last movie that you liked?
If you had a superpower, what would it be?
What is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?
What is the best advice you have received from someone?

After the “Quizz Roulette” , an interesting workshop has started. The participants were divided
into groups, each group received pens and papers on which were written the situational tasks
that participants must find a way to solve based on their ideas and knowledge in Science.
Task Ideas was like this:
-Earth is dying, we found a habitable planet on Alpha Centauri. But it’s 4 light-years away and
we don’t have FTL(Faster Than Light) technology.
Your task is to imagine a plan for humanity to get on this planet.
-You are caught in the gravity field of a black hole, you manage to escape it and then come
back to Earth and you realize that approximately 400 years have passed.
Describe what you see.

After the workshop, it was time for the Discussion Circle. Topics related to interesting scientific
events, such as Solar System and Galaxies, Nebulas, Atoms and Star formations, stellarium,
etc. At the end of the meeting, the hosts presented informative facts about the sun, the black
hole, Big Bang Theory. Participants also had the opportunity to even taste and smell space.
Sounds weird? Not at all – Vlad and Roma treated the Participants to raspberries and Rum(not
to drink). By eating raspberries, the participants felt the taste of cosmos, and the scent of rum
was equivalent to the scent of space.
Open Cafe about Science was really memorable and full of various pleasant emotions.
Interesting informative facts and interactive discussion deepened the science knowledge of
attendees’ in an entertaining way. Also, sharing emotions and experiences between the people
from different countries creates an excellent environment to spend time interestingly.