Open Café Rzeszów: Photography Ethics

The Open Cafe discussion about “Photography Ethics” took place on June 30,2021.


Photography plays an important role to show how we view the world. Similarly, when we share photographs, we take responsibility to show the reality of our subjects in the photos.If we take pictures that harm our subjects, no one will want to be photographed. If we manipulate our images and deceive our audience, no one will trust us. If we are not ethical in how we use photography, we are nothing less than a criminal.

Beginning with an ice-breaker, the participants were asked to line up according to their heights, year of birth, so as to increase mutual cooperation and understanding. After that, the participants were divided into groups, and asked to share how the following words are connected to Photography Ethics:

  • Principles
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Impact

 The activity ended in a fruitful discussion about why photography ethics are important. After a short break, participants were asked to form some words using their bodies and the other participants were supposed to guess the word. The activity helped to energize the people.

In the end, the hosts presented some photographs and asked participants to see if the photos are following the ethics or not. One of the photographs came out as a hot topic of discussion, “Should a photographer do his job or help humanity first ?”