Open Café Rzeszów – “Impact of Video Games in our life”

Our recent Open Café that took place on Wednesday 4th of November 2020 was about the “Impact of Video Games in our life”.

This topic of the impact of video games is important because more and more people invest their time on it nowadays. Thus, we wanted to analyse further the influence of this practice on people with different backgrounds and ages.

Yukiho, our volunteer from Japan, had pleasure to host two guests: Mafalda from Portugal and Anthony from France.

The format of this Open Café was divided into 2 main parts:

The first one englobed an ice-breaker in which we shared the first video game we ever played and which one is our favourite, then a short video about the history of video games (since the appearance of the first console until present time) and finally a Kahoot game with curiosities related to the gaming world.

The second part focused on the different types of video games and the differences in brain activity between a gamer and a non-gamer person. All of this led us to a discussion with our participants about the positive and negative aspects and how they can influence our behaviour.

At the end, we asked 3 questions for the participants to brainstorm and give their feedback, which were:

  • What did your parents think about video games in your childhood?
  • What do you think about video games?
  • How do you think video games will evolve in the future?

The final debriefing was the moment to share and centralize our thoughts.