Having fun and making memories

Having fun while making memories

By Yaryna Kysil 

This week Open Café Rzeszów became  just a place for having a blast. Due to our topic there was no brainstorming or tiring workshops. We were just having fun, playing games and having small conversations.

First activity, as an icebreaker was about people’s preferences. Participants should choose Yaryna or Michał standing on the opposite sides of the room holding papers with completely different things. For example what you should choose : coffee or tea? Are you an early bird or a night owl?  An important thing was that people couldn’t stay in the middle, so they need to choose something anyway.

Then we slowly moved to  conversations in small groups. Participants were sharing with each other their craziest memories so far and choosing one person with the weirdest one to present to the public. It was so much fun! Afterwards people were sharing their best features or weirdest useful talents they have.

After a small break we were back with «Paper, stone, scissors» game. But it wasn’t just a normal way to play it but evolutionary one. The evolution period contains 5 stages: ameba, dinosaur, chicken, human, and final one – Open Café participant. To evolve you need to fight with «paper, stone, scissors» with someone who is on the same level of evolution as you. Once you’re win, you move to the next stage until you reach an OC particapant. If a random person would enter the place at that moment, it would look like participants went a bit crazy!

The last part of our meeting was a group discussion on different questions like : are memories good or bad things? Or how would name your boat if you had one?

Hopefully everyone  had fun and made some good memories that day!