Open Café Rzeszów – Final Project “Open Quizz”

The previous and last Open Café of this year took place on 25th November 2020, hosted by Ans.

It was also the Final Project of the volunteers, named “Open Quizz”.

This event was divided in two parts:

The first part, “Open Quizz” was the occasion for our guests to check their knowledges about the countries of the volunteers (Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Japan), with a “Kahoot” game prepared. Then another “Kahoot” game was played, about general knowledge. Finally, a “Never have I ever” session has permitted to the volunteers and guests to reveal some of their secrets about funny questions.

The second part, “INPRO Kitchen” was the moment to taste famous dishes of those countries: Croissant (France), Bacalhau a Bras (Portugal), Carbonara (Italy), Biryani (Pakistan), Samosa (Pakistan) and Laghman (Kyrgyzstan) were thus presented. By explaining the recipe and history about each one of these dishes, our guests learned more about the traditional food consumed in their native countries.

As a conclusion of the short-term missions of the volunteers, this event was important for them to share their vision and particularities about cultural differences, and what make them unique for each one of them.

Thus, guests participated in an exchange session which is definitively the DNA of Open Café: allow people to meet, discuss and share about interesting topics and facts, and at last be aware of intercultural differences which are beneficials to each one of us!