Open Cafe Rzeszów: Back to Reality

On Wednesday 16/06/2021 our Open Café took place at Kwadrat Kultury with the topic of Back to reality. This Open Café have been host by Yaryna Kysil with the help of volunteers :
Shaghik from Georgia our photographer
Haseeb from Pakistan our videographer
Victoria from Spain our responsable in social media
Romain from France our assistant

After this challenging year, where everything was disturb, we finally started to have a normal
life again, we finally came Back to Reality.

We began this Open Cafe with an ice breaker which purpose was to get people more
comfortable with each other. We did a wild circle with every participant, and our host Yaryna
asked a question, for example: Are you more coffee or tea ? If we were more coffee we had
to move forward and if we were more tea stay at the same place. This game was based on
different preferences.

After ice breaker we started our first workshop. The participants were divided into four
groups, each group received a paper with a concept on it (Need, Passion, Talent,
Conscience). Each team had to brainstorm in order to find words that concorde with their
concept. This exercise allowed us to connect with our group and exchange idea, visions
about our concept.
The next step of this workshop was to use some words from the brainstorm to develop a
definition for our concept. Then we present our definition to each group, talk about it and see
if our definition matches the “official one”.
A couple example of the definition given by the group of participant :
● PASSION : Passion is a special interest with a strong emotional background

● CONSCIENCE : Conscience is a person moral sense of right and wrong, personn
inner voice telling what’s right or wrong


After every team said the definition for their words it was time for circle discussion, multiple
questions were asked to everyone in order to share an experience or memory.
For instance :

● What would those who know me best say about my greatest strengths ?
● Since childhood, what have I always loved doing ?
● What is the biggest need in the world right now ?
● How can I best help and serve others ?

This experience of sharing memories, experience with people from multiple horizons and
talking, brainstorming about concepts such as conscience, passion, talent and need was a
good opportunity to develop our knowledge and understanding of these words and that the
meaning could be individual for each person.