Open Café Rzeszów – “Attention Economy”

The previous Open Cafe that took place on 18th of November was dedicated to the topic of Attention Economy. The topic or the term itself is relatively new, however, it is something we all deal in our lives on a daily basis and most of us are not even aware of. The topic was brought by a volunteer, Nasiiat, from Kyrgyzstan, who was inspired by a Movie “Social Dillema” that she got to know thanks to her Marketing Teacher and other volunteer, Ans, from Pakistan, who helped her to host the event and try to find out what is it and how all this works. So, what is it at all and why is it that important nowadays?!
We live in the century of the attention economy. Attention is as important resource nowadays as energy was in the industrial era in the past. It became the driving force of today’s economy. Almost all the most valuable companies in the world produce nothing than knowledge in the form of codes and algorithms.Therefore, the attention has become the most important raw material today’s economy. Now all compete for our attention.

Through the presentation brought by a volunteer, the different resources of three different economies and societies were also explained and how it all evolved into the one we have now.
The participants of the event also had a possibility to discuss more about it with hosts. In the conclusion the main question was asked to everyone which was “What will be time well spent for ours?” referring to the question asked by former employee of Google, Tristan Harris, on his Ted talk regarding this topic, so that participants and all of us can reflect on their own and probably adjust their priorities concerning their time and for what they spent their only valuable resource. And while now you all scrolling the next post on social media, one of those companies already making money on your time you just spent.

Through this presentation, volunteers wanted to raise this topic in order to make people think and analyze what they digitally consume and how to improve their lives by integrating small tips that were given during this event.