Open Café Rzeszów: Distructive habbits

The Open Café session about “Addictions” as a main topic was held on July 14, 2021.

The event has begun with a funny icebreaker, where participants were supposed to draw on each others backs and then guess the initial drawing.
With this warmed-up attitude, the hosts introduced the main topic of the session.
Participants were asked what addiction is and if a person is able to live without any addictions. After analysing and discussing different views, the hosts took the initiative to deepen the topic. Addiction is a bond that a person creates with people and objects. Moreover, addiction is scientifically defined as a complex brain disorder and mental illness. However, to treat a person with an addiction one should have a special approach. Without challenging and putting him/her/them under the pressure, it is mandatory to create peculiar comfort zone for that person and direct the attention to other spheres of activities.

Afterwards, the hosts introduced the audience with the “Rat Park” experiment conducted by Canadian psychologist Bruce K. Alexander in the late 1970s.
After 15-minute break, the hosts familiarized participants with different types of addictions and furthermore provided scientific names of the most unusual addictions. For instance, “trichophagia” is identified as an addiction to compulsive eating of hair, “dacnomania” as an addiction to bite people, “pagophagia” as an addiction to eating ice and “bibliokleptomania” as an addiction to steal books.

For the entertainment purpose, a singing energizer was held, where people needed to form 4-5 groups and imitate sounds of a particular song. To wrap up the event, energized and happy participants were requested to write what addictions they think they may have anonymously on a piece of paper and share their opinions about others’ potential addictions.