Open Cafè in Magenta restarts the meetings after lockdown!

Open Cafe Magenta 02.07.2020
By: Oscar Boldrini

Finally, we are back!! This is the motto of the evening! Our participants were so excited after so many time without seeing each others because of the lockdown!

The original plan for our Open Cafè was to have a walk and perform some activities to reflect on resilience but, since weather was not with us due to the rainy evenening, we moved to a closed area. Resilience is the ability to adapt to negative situations, so we used this situation as a perfect exemple to explain the concept

Look at that face, what a surprise, they didn’t know about Resilience at all!! To better fix the concept, we used some cards with some pretty drawings asking to participants to choose one representing some feeling emotions or situation lived during the Covid-19 lockdown. It was so cool and emotional to understand people feelings!

After this brainstorming activity, Tiziano, prepared some nice questions to stimulate people to think about lockdown and resilience concept. Many discussion came out!

To finalize the event, Sara, our psychologist, briefed participants on the Resilience concept and gave some tips to improve this ability. Prior to say goodbye, all the participants took a survey to understand their level of resilience.

A super interesting final thought was focused on the fact it is all on hour hands and on how we decide to react on negative situation. See you next Thursday for another super Open Cafè with us, Hoping this time to have also a nice walk and breath some fresh air!!