Open Cafe’ Walk: Sport and Wellbeing

Open Cafè 09.07.2020

By: Oscar Boldrini

Welcome back to our new format of Open Cafè post Covid! This week we have been lucky and weather was kind with us and we talked and performed some phisical exercise under a beautiful sunset! We firstly met and greet the newcomers and did some easy exercises, Our Facilitator Tiziano, explained some part of our body while participants were warming up their bodies.

When time to move for the walk came, participants started chatting and discussing about sport and wellbeing. trhough the path, we stopped to do some other exercises. It was nice to see the people so energetic!! Once we arrived to our final stop, we started a discussion through some questions, debating on phisical activity pre and post Covid-19 lockdown and what participant can do through little things to improve their health through sports!

See you next Thursday for a new Open Cafè!