Open Cafè: One Goal, No Limits: Inclusion For All!!

Open Cafe Magenta 30.07.2020
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe event, was really peculiar and has been dedicated to understand inclusion through sport!

We began the event with some introductions, especially of our “SuperHabily” friends, a professional soccer team composed by people with some discapacities. Many of our participants, didn’t know about them and where so excited by the idea of playing all together!!

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The night was emotional and funny! It was incredible how playing a simple football match could change perspective on people! It was such an enriching experience!

After the match, we asked opinions to the participants, and the common point view that arise was: “Experience like this one make you understand how the barriers are only in our minds and if you want, you can knock them down!” Thank you all for participating, you were so many!!

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday for another really special Open Café, the last one before a small summer break!

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