Open Cafe: “O te manget la minestra o te saltet de la finestra” you’ll better watch out!!

Open Cafe Magenta 17.09.2020
By: Alice Fogarty

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Thursday at  9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to understand intergenerational differences!

Hello from your Open Cafe team! Yesterday night fewer participants joined us at Villa Naj Oleari but this didn’t stop us from having a great time together, as always…

This time we chose to make the evening revolve around a perhaps peculiar but very interesting topic: our grandparents, and the intergenerational differences we notice when facing this global emergency. For this reason, the title consisted in a fun proverb in Milanese dialect, which translated means “Eat your soup or jump out of the window” (don’t waste food and eat whatever your mum cooks!).

Starting off with an energizer called “Ninja”, waking ourselves up a little bit through moves and kicks, we then played a word guessing type of game, in groups of three. The words to guess were connected by one thing: grandparents, of course. This let us introduce the topic to the participants and move on to the next activity. We divided the group in couples. The duo had to answer some questions imagining to be an elderly person. No need to say we laughed so badly .. extra points for using dialect!

After a second energizer, the event concluded with another session of answering questions, this time in the role of a young modern person. We could reflect all together on how age changes our vision and who knows, in the future we might learn something from each other.

Time to say see ya!