Open Cafe: NGOs and Entrepreneurial Learning tips

Open Cafè: 18.12.2019

By Tiziano Tomassini

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta, dedicated to let our participants understand how an NGO can be a good action to drive the resolution of some social problems and can step up employability through social entrepreneurship

We began the event with a “Castle and princesses” game, a good energizer to prepare our partipants move into the right mood for the evening, due to the complex topic of the day.

Lot of smiles and fun around there!!

Once energy stepped up, our facilitator asked the participants to join to thematic table, and using wolrd cafe approach, they discussed on the current entrepreneurship styles, seeking elements that define one style to another.

It has been really nice to see them learn about this topic!

After this introduction, our Guest, Luca Aloi, Council member of Magenta’s Municipality, made a small speech on the importance of NGO reality to solve social issues and to create opportunities for youngsters.

Final debriefing, to understand feelings and emotion has been done, it was nice to know how participants where happy because of their little wins on entrepreneurial learning.

Since this was the last OC of the Year and also to commemorize the 10th anniversary of Young Effect’s foundation, Our Board decided to move to the other room to celebrate with a super cake.

Merry Christmas and see you next Year for other super Open Cafè events with us!!