Open Cafè: Movie Night – “Polyland”

Open Cafè Magenta 31.07.19

By: Alice Fogarty

An new format was proposed by our Polish partners, who projected this film on the same evening. Polyland is a documentary, created in 2018 and directed by Dasa Raimanova and Zofia Brom. Three women recounting their experience, coming from three different minority groups in Poland: the Black, the LGBTQ+ and the Muslim community. Such variety in the most homogenous country in an ever more right-leaning Europe.

A brief introduction to the movie and his theme started our Open Cafè. Unlike our usual events, the room was pervaded by silence for most of its duration; by observing the participants (well, that’s also our job), we could tell everyone was captured by the scenes.

That was great news since we wanted to create a final discussion moment, in which each viewer could share their impressions on the film.

The opinions which came out resulted different but the common thought risen about it was that the film is surely interesting and probably underrated in these times, right when we maybe need more like it.

Usual drink after the reflection and let’s go home, with another memory to keep as a treasure.